About ContactAbility

 Building Bridges – Breaking Barriers:  One job at a time.

ContactAbility started from humble beginnings in November 2012. Ian Cox, one of the founders, attended a seminar in London about homeworking.

“I attended to try and get some ideas on how my telecoms company could benefit from the homeworking growth. Following on from the amazing success of the Paralympics in London, I felt we could use this spirit and sense of achievement to start something off that would make a difference. Little did I know that it would start off an idea that has already grown exponentially and will hopefully change many people’s lives over the next few years”

One of the main areas of discussion was the ability of contact centres to source quality staff from an untapped pool of workers; home based parents, carers and the disabled. It was the latter group that struck a chord and ContactAbility was born. The homeworking concept soon developed into an ‘anywhere working’ offer, giving ultimate flexibility for contact centre management and people with disability alike.

The idea has been embraced by many different organisations and is growing in influence and reach.

Why 10,000?
There are two metrics that have produced this target. The first is that 10,000 represents just 1% of the contact centre workforce, whereas approximately 20% of working age adults are registered disabled. The second is that, based on 2014 statistics, there is a turnover of approximately 20% within contact centres in the UK, making the 10,000 less than 2% of new employees in our initial three year period to 2018. Difficult to achieve? Yes. Impossible? No.
What you can do?
Get involved, employ staff with disability, become part of the ContactAbility family, raise money, wish us well and send us ideas. These are just some of the ways that you can help. Call us on 01920 318473 or email info@contactability.org.uk and get involved.
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