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    Building Bridges &                    Breaking Barriers

    Building on the ‘can-do’ pride that followed the Olympics and Paralympics, we are pleased to introduce ContactAbility, a charity dedicated to proving that great things can be achieved when we all join forces.

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    10,000 contact centre jobs             in just 3 years

    Contactability is a campaign like no other – we have ambitious plans to match people with disability to careers within the Contact Centre industry – with huge benefits for all. Register now for more information.

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    Tapping into a new pool of talent

    The Contact Centre industry is one of the largest and most dynamic sectors in the UK, employing more than 1 million people. If only 1% of these staff were disabled, we would reach our goal. Click here to see how you can help

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    Breaking down barriers with anywhere working

    Traditionally, bricks and mortar buildings represented actual barriers to recruitment. No more. By utilising the power of ‘anywhere’ working, the pool of workers is much wider and more diverse than you might have thought. Let us show you how.

Because it just makes sense

ContactAbility is a unique charity dedicated to increasing the proportion of disabled people employed by the UK contact centre industry. We want to work with all contact centres and show why disability diversity within a contact centre is a solution for the best of all worlds

Launching in September 2013, ContactAbility begins with a campaign to facilitate 50,000 new careers for disabled people in the contact centre industry over a three-year period. To challenge pan-disability unemployment, we will encourage fair and practical recruitment processes to enable the creation of flexible, ‘anywhere-working’ roles that can be fulfilled either from home, from a dedicated hub or within the central contact centre.


You only need one partner

Formed from a collaborative approach that brings together partners in the private, public and charity sectors, ContactAbility will be a one-stop source of information, best practice guidance, training, accreditation and job matching services, accessible to both disabled candidates and employers that incorporate customer contact operations, whether or not that is the primary function of the business.

But there is much, much more

All help resources will be centred within this web portal, but ContactAbility also aims to work with intermediaries to provide training to employers and employees, opening minds to the huge potential of having disabled workers within contact centres. ContactAbility will lead the way by recruiting disabled employees and having representative trustees. And there is lots more to come … But, quite simply, one job at a time, one centre at a time, we want to become the changing face of employment for UK contact centres.


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For Disabled Workers